First you look at it.  Its luscious and tempting shapes catch your eye.  Swirls of authentic softness.  Freshness.  You follow the waving lines of his colored piled-high icing. Then you pay attention to the details of the decorations:  rainbow sprinkles, cherry candies, fluffy marshmallows, colored smarties, chocolate drops… So you decide to try it and you cannot even describe how sweet, creamy and surprising it is. You’re smiling, you’re happy, you have just enjoyed a cupcake!


Cupcakes are like little portions of pleasure.  They evoke a nostalgic feeling of coziness and comfort. When I think about them I imagine a housewife – like Bree Van de Kamp 😉 – preparing delicious and genuine cupcakes for her sons.  Do you know why people call them cupcakes? There are two theories about the origin of this name:

1)      It comes from the amount of ingredients used to prepare them (a cupful of flour, a cupful of butter, cupful of sugar etc.).

2)      Cupcakes were originally baked in cups.


In Barcelona there is a bakery that elaborates delicious and homemade cupcakes.  It’s a place where you can take your time, enjoy a creamy cappuccino and share sweet delicacies.  Cup&Cake has born with the main objective to retrieve genuine treats from the past. They use the best ingredients to get high quality products. Everything you find there is made by them. It’s an enchanting place because you can sit with other people, toast bread and spread marmalade on it while sharing conversations.


My suggestion: abhor pre-cooked food and visit Cup&Cake!

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3 Responses to Cup&Cake

  1. SONIA says:

    hum…. hum….Je me lèche les babines! C’est tellement bon! SONIA

  2. Hi!! really good post. In Torrelles, we are making cupcakes too. You can see them in our facebook page:



  3. Leiout says:

    great post!… as always! thank you!

    if you wanna try some recipes, check this blog:


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