Red Fruits Muffins

It’s Christmas time! During these lovely days the best thing is staying with friends and relatives while listening to others’ gossip (yes, we do love gossip!) in the enchanting atmosphere of your home. This is the time to enjoy simple and genuine moments like having a cup of tea and sharing freshly baked muffins.  Don’t know how to prepare them? You don’t have excuses ;)! Just follow my recipe and in less than an hour you will enjoy delicious and soft red fruits muffins.

Red Fruit Muffin

American muffins are extremely easy to elaborate, you just need to prepare the dough, add your favorite ingredients and bake them.  I chose red fruits because I love their intense color and their acid taste but you can do muffins with an endless combination of ingredients either sweet or salty: black chocolate, white chocolate, carrot, figs, peanuts, apple, mascarpone, coconut, pineapple, rosemary, sesame and so on.  Of course you can combine those ingredients, mix flavors and create the muffin that best please your palate.

red fruits muffin

Red Fruits Muffins


9.4 fl oz cream

0.15 lb butter

3 eggs

0.7 lb flour

0.6 oz yeast

0.3 lb sugar

A pinch of salt

Lemon Zest

10 oz red fruits (fresh or frozen): mulberry, blueberry, red currant, strawberry


Preheat the oven at 460º F (240ºC). Mix the melted butter with the sugar and stir till obtaining a thick cream.  Pour the cream and the eggs and keep stirring with a whisk. In another bowl mix the flour with yeast, salt and lemon zest.  Pour the thick cream into the bowl with the flour and stir everything up one more time.  Pour the batter into molds with the help of a table spoon and top with red fruits – I added some white chocolate chunks. Bake them at 410ºF (210ºC) for about 15-17 minutes.

preparing muffins

And please, let some for your guests!


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2 Responses to Red Fruits Muffins

  1. SONIA says:

    Cara Françoise,
    leggo sempre con enorme piacere le tue ricette e aspettavo con impazienza quella dei MUFFINS. Non vedo l’ora di provare a farli per mandartene un assaggio virtuale.
    Nell’attesa, un meraviglioso 2012 !

  2. Sandro Cannatella says:

    Belle foto davvero. In un mare di blog dedicati alle ricette, dare il giusto valore all’estetica e alla qualità d’ogni post, mi sembra una scelta molto intelligente e assolutamente meritevole d’attenzione.

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